Something is Curious About Steph Curry’s Recovery

Updated: May 25, 2016


Stephen Curry is a delirious and incorrigible show-off: He not only throws no-look passes, he also shoots no-look 3-pointers. He’s a boy wonder: See him for the first time on television and you might mistake him for a 12-year-old. (In reality he is 27, and 6 feet 3 inches tall.) He’s an egomaniac, sort of (but who isn’t, in the N.B.A.?). In 2013, an interviewer asked him whom he would pick to shoot, given one chance to win a game and a lineup of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller — and Stephen Curry. Curry said: Jordan. But after Jordan, he continued, “I’m No. 2.” At the time, he was 25. He has since become the game’s greatest scorer.
On Pro Basketball: Remembering King James, Before and After His CrowningJUNE 16, 2015
Commentators like to refer to Curry’s “gunslinger mentality.” By this they mean that Curry does not suffer from self-doubt. His team, the Golden State Warriors, is a single win from the N.B.A. championship, and it isn’t hyperbole to say that what happens next largely depends on him. Yet search Curry for even a trace of nervous tension and you will find … well, there is one thing. Curry chews his mouth guard.

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